Moringa capsule

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Moringa Capsule

The Moringa tree has multiple uses. Every part of the tree – leaves, pods, fruits, saps, seeds, oil, flowers, roots and bark have nutritional benefits. Moringa leaves are a rich source of many nutrients such as vitamins A, B, C, D and E. The leaves can be cooked and eaten, or juiced and pressed into oil.

Benefits of the Moringa

Contains 18 amino acids which are useful building blocks for the body.

Contains iron and anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties which help sooth minor injuries like bruises, cuts and burns.

Ayurvedic properties help nursing mothers increase lactation.

Contains properties that nourish and energise your body.

Provides energy without sugar.

Contains antioxidants that promote healthy skin.

Can be included in diet to stimulate metabolism and support weight loss.

Increases blood circulation of the scalp to boost hair growth.

Cleanses the hair and scalp, prevents hair damage and dandruff and restores dry and lifeless hair.

Has shown effective results against migraines and headaches.

Easy to digest and supports food digestion.

Detoxifies and cleanses the body.

Rejuvenates the skin and removes impurities.

Moringa Powder


Moringa Oleifera leaves


Add 1-2 teaspoons of the powder to any drink or food just before consumption. Can also be added to smoothies.

Wt.: 160gm

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